Lucas Lighting is solving the issues that have kept us in the dark ages.

Better lighting should be easier than it has been.

Lucas Lighting is operated by people with over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive electronics business.  We are passionate about cars and customizing them with products that make them safer, faster or just plain cooler.  

We wanted better performance lighting, but found the products on the market to be lacking.  Often, they were too big to install easily, had poor light output and dark spots or less than acceptable reliability.

Years before we officially launched Lucas Lighting, we spent thousands of hours engineering, testing and refining the products that we have to share with you today.  There is no one thing that makes our lights better than other brands.  It is a combination of refinement in every area of the bulbs’ design and manufacturing.  The work that we’ve put in has put us well ahead of most other manufacturer’s of automotive LED lighting, and made us one of the fastest growing companies in the category.

Regardless of the product line from Lucas Lighting, your new bulbs will be easier to install, have a fantastic light output pattern, larger “sweet spot” and are built to last.

We invite you to experience better lighting.

Why Lucas Lighting?

​​High Performance
& High Efficiency

Very Low Failure
Rate of 1.3%

Industry Driven


Correct Focus

12V Retailer

Easy to

 Built to

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