Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the different L series bulbs?

Primarily, light output.  The higher the number, the more light and current draw.  All of our LED bulbs will consume less current than their halogen counterparts.  All series are designed to have the same type of durability and performance.  L2 series and up will have CANBUS support that will eliminate the need for an outboard decoder box in many, but not all vehicles.  L1 Series will have a simple connector “tail”, while L2 and above will have an outboard control box.  If you have a tight fitment application, M series bulbs are designed to have reduced depth requirements.

Why do Lucas Lighting bulbs cost more than ones I’ve seen on eBay or Amazon?

As with most things in life, quality is directly related to price.  We use LED chipsets unique to Lucas Lighting, bigger power supplies, better CAN bus technology, smaller rear housings, chassis built from solid aluminum, and much more all designed in the US to give you consistent performance, better fitment and last longer.

Will I blind oncoming traffic after installing Lucas Lighting headlamps?

If your headlights are correctly aimed, you will not.  Our product is engineered to be in the correct position inside the bulb housing to maintain the integrity of the horizontal cutoff line.  It’s always a good idea to check your headlight positioning when installing new lights or raising or lowering the ride height of your vehicle.  Properly aimed headlights will give you excellent range without creating a hazard to other drivers.

Will I need additional parts to install Lucas Lighting?

Most cars will not need additional parts.  For vehicles with more advanced CAN bus (typically European models) or that have pulse width modulation headlights (select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram) you will need our corresponding decoder modules.  If the lights are installed in these without them, you will potentially have a light warning on the dash, headlight circuit turn off or flickering light output.  An even smaller number of vehicles need a bulb mounting adaptor set, which we stock and sell.  We recommend utilizing the services of an experienced Lucas Lighting dealer to have a seamless installation experience.

Do your headlights have a blue color to them?

No.  All of our headlights are set for 6,000 kelvin color temperature, which is a bright “daylight” type of light.

How do I find a Lucas Lighting dealer?

Our dealer locator here has a nationwide listing people that sell and install Lucas Lighting.

What is the warranty on Lucas Lighting?

All products carry a one year limited warranty against defects in manufacturing.  Proper installation is critical to the performance and longevity of our product.  We extend the warranty on products installed by our dealers two more years, for a total of three years.

I have more questions!

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have more questions about our lighting, we’re happy to help you make the decision to have the best lighting available for your car or truck.